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Clarity and transparency about our fees

Meeting with a medical specialist can be daunting enough without having to navigate the sometimes confusing maze of fees and charges. We’ll break down the fees into consultation and surgical fees to help you understand what they’re for, any rebates and out of pocket expenses. 

Consultation fees

Type of consultation Fee Medicare rebate
Initial consult $475 $80
Follow-up $235 $40

We make it a priority to let you know our fees well in advance for clarity and peace of mind. Based on the information provided in your referral, one of our friendly staff will advise you of the anticipated costs when booking your appointment.

Additional procedures may be necessary depending on the reason for your visit. The consultation or consult fees don’t include the cost of procedures carried out in our Rooms, such as colposcopy, cervix/vulval biopsies and IUD insertions. 

Our friendly staff will advise you of the anticipated costs when you book your appointment with Dr Vivek Arora.

Surgical fees

We’ll provide you with a quote for Dr Vivek Arora’s surgical fee prior to your surgery. Please note, we’re unable to provide you with an estimate of surgical fees prior to your consultation. We’re also unable to routinely participate in the gap schemes offered by private health funds.

There will be an ‘out of pocket’ cost for your surgery. ‘Out of pocket’ cost refers to the difference between the fee you pay for your surgery and the rebates available from Medicare and your health fund.

We’ll send you a final receipt after you’ve been discharged from hospital. One of our friendly staff can guide you through the process of claiming from Medicare and your health fund.

Private Health Insurance

I have private health insurance. Why is there an ‘out of pocket’ cost for surgery/surgical fees?

The Medicare Billing Schedule (MBS) and the private health funds schedule fees haven’t kept pace with the cost of providing private medical care. For this reason, there’ll be a gap between the schedule fee and the amount for your surgery, also called ‘out of pocket’ costs. 

What if I don’t have private health insurance?

Having surgery in a private hospital without private health insurance can sometimes be cost prohibitive. We’ll help you get a quote from the hospital for the costs involved. Please bear in mind that the costs associated with your surgery can sometimes end up being higher than expected.

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